About Us

We are Generations for Health

We are a team of young activists that believe in the power of the youth to make change happen. During the first stages of the global pandemic, as many countries were enforcing lockdowns and information moved faster than we could catch up, we got together to create spaces where the youth could speak up and make their voice heard.

An event in May, 2020, started things off. It was meant to promote, gather, and amplify the voice of the youth. Those have been our values ever since.

We want to create the space and the conditions for successful collaboration between the youth and global health agents.

we are

We are a diverse team of 17 volunteers hailing from 6 countries, that believe that through harnessing our strengths together we can challenge the status quo.

We are energetic and have the flair to try new ways of doing things. We are transformative and want to advance forward. But we are also diplomatic and collaborative, we know that change can only come if all stakeholders agree, and we want to have all on the same boat. Finally, we are also trustworthy, we know that our responsibility comes with accountability and we strive to be an organization that the youth and global health agents can trust.

the team

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A team talks in the parliament of Spain in an   event by JEF Madrid and Generations for Health
Projects and partnerships

We are always happy to start a new Project, or to know about your iniciatives! Feel free to get in touch if you want to collaborate with us and tell us about your work or your ideas.

Join the team

We love to see new faces in the team! We believe that the most important is that you have passion to help others, and willingness to grow with us. Contact us and tell us about your special talent, or how you see Generations helping you develop your skills!